Carlee’s writing has covered a wide variety of topics but tends to focus taboo topics that others may shy away from. Psychology, psychopathy, culture & society are all topics of interest as she pursues her bachelor of social work.

She has been published in the London Free Press, Elite Daily, Adbusters magazine, The Huffington Post, Your Tango and contributes to her local newspaper the Port Dover Maple Leaf.

“Letters To Myself” is her blog, composed of anonymous letters from people around the world and vulnerable open stories from her own life.

To find her most recent writing you can visit her portfolio or find her on facebook, twitter or linkedin.

She lives with her cat Quincy Jones, French bulldog Alice and a scruffy but lovable human companion.

Carlee xoxo.

*Currently working on a 6-part series about the sex lives of the mentally ill for Thrive Global. A raw, vulnerable expose’ about how mental illness affects our relationships.