The Harsh Reality of Parenting Yourself…and why it’s the key to accomplishing anything.

It’s a really uncomfortable thing to admit…

That being an adult means you now have to parent yourself. In fact it’s a little embarrasing realizing the need to do so. It feels as if now that we are “adults” we should have it all figured out.

It means forcing yourself to do the things you don’t want to do, like…ever. It gets better though, trust me.

Parenting yourself is just accepting the simple fact: If you want your life to change, you have to do shit you don’t feel like doing. I don’t mean like taxes (or maybe I do), I mean things that will benefit you and force you to grow. Force you to step out of the comfort zone you have built for yourself and into a more fulfilled life.

Examples: Working out, eating better, waking up earlier, trying that “thing” you’ve always wanted to try, talking to new people, attending an event, cleaning your house, starting a blog, taking a class.

It can seem really easy to just go through life accepting the things that happen to you and going with the flow. That’s cool. Everyone is on their own journey.

But if you feel like someone who wants more. Who feels they deserve more out of life then it’s time to step up and get real with yourself. Where is your parenting slacking? Mine personally is in the health department. I need to kick my own ass into working out every day for as little as 15 minutes. I want the benefits, like being able to eat pizza and still fit into my jeans. Taking the first initial action is often the hardest.


So get real with yourself.


Before you get too old to really live and before you inevitably die…what is it that you want out of life. Design the life you want. Become clear and concrete about what it looks like and start parenting yourself in order to make it happen.

You want to become a runner? Set the alarm clock earlier, force yourself to wake up just like your parents used to do and get outside.

You want to get that job? Force yourself out the door, create a new resume, a branded linked-in profile, get creative and get moving.

You want to write a book? Get writing your rough draft. Edit like crazy and send it to an editor. Attend writing conferences. Make it happen.

Maybe you want something small or maybe you want something that will take a little more work, a little more parenting. Whatever you want I garauntee you have the ability to make it happen if you believe and if you have the strength to parent the hell out of yourself.

It’s not easy. It’s terribly hard.

Will it change your life?


Carlee. xoxo


P.S Let me know what you need to parent yourself on most and how it’s working for you!

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