Loving Yourself Enough To Push Past Fear. (&my yoga experience)

I found myself literally bursting into tears, trying to hide it from the class and the yoga instructor, because I had finally loved myself enough to push past fear. For YEARS I had wanted to try yoga. I had started workshops that had yoga incorporated, I had supported other yoga instructors in their practice but I didn’t have the courage to walk into a class on my own, grab a mat and just be.

Working with other women has taught me to love myself slowly but surely. I don’t have it all figured out and I still have a long way to go but sharing the journey with others makes it a whole lot easier. Yes…coming to realize you are a beautiful person just as you are in the here and now is a very personal experience. It has a unique balance to it that is both highly serious and at the same time very light weight. It is personal and calls for a tribe of likeminded people to share your experience with.

Working on myself I began to buy different foods, I have started a workout routine and I journal every morning with a cup of chocolatey chai tea. I was doing all of this and yet yoga still called to me. It was in the still small whisper of my soul…it said “try me, you’ll like it”. For years I pushed it away, but I have come to find that the more you open up to your own self worth the more you start to listen to the whisper. The faint breath that speaks to your heart and not your ego. The breath that wants whats best for you and whats best for others. The breath that breaths life into everything.

So…I listened to it.

And it was wonderful.


I felt like I had found a part of me I had lost in a past life, or perhaps in the beginning of this one. It felt like a coming home and that is why I began to cry.

Yoga felt like home, like I had found myself and my place and everything was going to be alright if just for the moment.

Loving yourself enough to push past the fear and listen to the whisper of your soul means everything. It means your willing to try. It means you love yourself enough to just get out there and do it, sacrificing your ego for a little bit of nurturing. It is hard, your scared, you don’t know what to expect, your mind is telling you to turn back and just go home to watch netflix. Listen to your heart for it guides you in the right direction.

Find what you are afraid of, what you fear. What is holding you back? What do you love yourself enough to do? What do you love yourself enough to try? I promise you this…you are worth it. You are worth every minute of it.

Don’t allow yourself to stay stuck. Don’t allow yourself to have regrets in old age. Once you begin to love yourself nothing can stop you from just being you and that is a damn beautiful thing.

Remember: You are Loved. You are Worthy. You are blessed.

& you are worth every minute of pushing past your fear to do something your soul will thank you for.


Carlee xoxo Β  Β … (Oh and I went to The Twisted Fish in Port Dover with Christie. She is SO nice)

April Β 8th is 7 days of self care Free

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