5 Men Reveal The Moment They Knew Their Relationships Were Over & How Long It Took To End IT

As women we’ve all had one relationship we knew was over long before it actually ended. I wanted to know what this experience was like for men. At what point in a relationship did they know it was over and how long did they stay until it was over for good? I consulted with a few of my male friends even an ex, and asked them to share open and honestly about their experiences. Some of them are heartbreaking, some of them infuriating. My take? When you know, you know. Don’t let your head trick your heart into believing otherwise.


  1. Miles K, 36

“I knew it was over when I would come home from work and we would have nothing to talk about. Sure, you don’t have to talk constantly but sitting there beside each other every single night in silence felt lonelier than actually being alone. Once I realized I was unhappy it took me an entire year to end it. I was worried about what might happen and kept thinking things might get better. If you cant communicate with your partner it’s just not going to work.”



  1. Eric S, 27

“We had only been dating for a few months when she got pregnant. She said she had been taking birth control but I guess it’s not 100% and you never really know. I was terrified to be a father but now I love it. I love being a dad. I stayed with my child’s mother for three years after the birth because I wanted to do the right thing. One day I just realized that I wasn’t happy with this person and she wasn’t happy either. The best thing for my daughter is to have two happy, healthy parents. It didn’t take me much longer after that to end things. I still see my little girl all the time and feel like a better person around her now.”



  1. Brandon M, 23

“Started dating a girl in college, we were together for about 6 months. She wanted to label our relationship so I told she could be my girlfriend. She would just come over a lot and have sex, never really asking me to take her out anywhere so I never did. I kept that going for a while because the sex was really good…then I started feeling bad for her and ended it.”



  1. Caleb L, 30

“My last girlfriend and I were together for eight years, it was by far my longest relationship. After about six years it started to not feel right, we would argue about everything. She would tell me when to turn the TV off and go to bed at night, ask me what I was doing constantly. I began to feel like more of a child than a partner. Now this is really terrible but we had this really nice apartment and it was lower rent than anything else I was going to find. I stayed in that relationship for two years until I could end it in a way that meant I could keep the place. It ended up saving me a ton of money but cost me a few solid years of freedom.”



  1. Tristan K, 28

“A year into the relationship we stopped having sex. Guys can be pretty understanding but if you’re constantly not having sex it’s a problem. I knew something wasn’t right and when I looked on her computer she had an open tab for Ashley Madison. I knew right then it was over but I was hurt, I wanted to know why she did it, what more she was looking for and I wanted her to tell me to my face. It took a month for her to tell me she had been cheating the whole time. I ended up leaving, blocking her number on my phone and all her social media accounts. I haven’t seen or talked to her since.”

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